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  Attention! Since 2007 we began to make souvenier felt boots!!!

  Attention! Since 2007 we began to make Chesanki! Show!!!

  Attention! Since 2007 we began to make colour FELTING - felt boots

  Attention! Since 2011 we began to make FELTING with photo

Russian valenki. We can make the felt boots of any sizes, any forms to order . If you wish we can attach to felt boots any colour in accordance with a specter's table. What is a wonderful shoes - felt boots! They don't fear cold, frost. There are comfortable, hygiene's shoes. They warm, treat

In the december of 2002 year we shall celebrate 10-year's jubilee of our enterprise.

In our products we enclose all skill, all warm of our sole.

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In 2012, we completed the reconstruction of the plant and opened a museum "Russian boots".

In this museum you can see the biggest boots in the world. "His height = 2,25m. Weight = 52kg. Size є201

In 2014 we built a playground for tourists and began producing their concrete sculptures on public order.

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Playground for tourists

At the end of 2015, we started producing slippers (without seams) made way felting.
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In 2018 we started to produce winter boots with a snake and lacing on the sole of TEP
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